Ancient Hebrew

Oneness And Fire:The Secret of Echad In Man And Woman.

To fully understand the ancient Hebrew language and how the word pictures express the connection of YHWH to us we need to give an example from the ancient Hebrew itself. We need to experience YHWH and not just read about him from the mind. The question I am asked is how we can be one with our wife and one with YHWH? Shaul says this is a secret in Eph’siyim 5:31-32. What is the secret of the oneness of a man and a woman in YHWH? Let us begin with the Hebrew word for “man” and “woman”



This is the Hebrew word “eesh” and is the word for “man”. It is read from right to left starting with the aleph.



This is the Hebrew word “eesha” and is the word for “woman”. It is also read from right to left starting with the aleph.

When we remove the letter YOD from the Hebrew word for man and remove the HEY from the Hebrew word for woman we make the Hebrew word “Ya” (YH) which in Hebrew is the short form of YHWH, the very name of Elohim.



The above Hebrew is the short form of YHWH which you can find in Isaiah 12:2. The very name of YHWH was put in both man and woman when they come together in union. But what happens when we remove the same Hebrew letters that make his name? What is left?



If we remove the very Hebrew letters that make the name YHWH we are then left with the Hebrew word “esh” which is the word for “fire”. The ancient Hebrew picture for “fire” is “strong devour”. This oneness between a man and a woman as written in Genesis (Bereshit) 2:24 and in Ephesians (Eph’siyim) 5:31-32 shows us the mystery that Shaul (Paul) speaks about in Eph’siyim 5 with regards to the Messiah and the church. The Messiah being the groom and the church being the bride. The Messiah is YHWH as a man, with the letter “yod”, in the flesh. The church being the bride or the woman, with the letter “hey”, that unites with Him as one (echad).

A man or a woman who is without YHWH is a man or a woman living a life of fire and distress. It is only when we take back what was intended from creation, the very person of YHWH, that we will experience the essence of Him in our lives. It is also the very reason we look for a wife or a husband who bares the very letter of His name so that we may join together ourselves with YHWH and become one (echad) with each other, three in one (echad).

We must also remember that if we choose to live without YHWH and live in fire, which is a form of judgment in the TaNaKh, YHWH will give us over to our burning desire of the flesh. This is what Shaul speaks of in Romiyim 1:26-27. If man joins himself with man and woman with woman then you will have fire with fire mixing and burning in judgment in this life. No rest will come of this. The “strong devour” will be a double portion.

Shalom, Al Garza PhD